Barton Mills quarry.

Pitstone Quarry

Working closely with Needham Chalks in their trading areas, Pitstone quarry is our major source for Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire chalk.

It produces a 10-15mm product and is FLINT FREE. It is of a consistently high specification with excellent spreading qualities and an extremely high Neutralising Value at between 50-53.

The quarry also produces larger 200mm down chalk for cattle yard bedding, and shed flooring. See our shed flooring page for more detail.

The quarry is located on the Chiltern Hills, between Aylesbury and Amersham, near Tring. The large working area of 150 acres allows significant airflow to aid drying even in difficult years and it ensures continuity of supply.

Whilst production of chalk at the quarry is the primary consideration it has an area dedicated solely to conservation and the environment.

Currently producing in excess of 20,000 tonnes per annum for the agricultural market, the production and haulage is carried out by the long established Clark Contracting business.

Pitstone quarry.
Pitstone quarry.