Garden Lime

Needham Chalks supply garden Lime to gardens across the country to use as a neutralising agent.

Needham Garden Lime is ground so that 100% passes through a 6mm sieve ensuring a superb quality, high neutralising property of 55% as CaO.

Needham Chalks Garden Lime will effectively neutralise soil acidity and provide essential calcium for healthy plant growth.

Calcium Requirement

Calcium is needed for plant cell division and elongation processes. Shortages of Calcium to the plant can result in stunted young leaves and sometimes leaf distortions.

Disorders caused by the lack of calcium mobility are bitter pit in apples, internal rust spot in potatoes and blossom end rot in tomatoes.


Guide to application rates in Kg/Sq. Meter


Soil Type

pH 4 to 5 Very Acid

pH 5 to 6 Moderately Acid

pH 6 to 7 Mildly Acid





Light Loam




Medium loam / Clay




Organic / Peat




(To convert to lbs/sq. Yard multiply rate in table by 2)


To purchase Garden Lime or to find a local agent please contact the office on the 01449 720227 or use the contact for here.