Needham Chalks are the UK’s largest producer of whole and knapped flint for decorative building work.

The Black and White flints (seen on the left below) are sourced  from our quarries where they occur in the layers of the chalk stratum. We also supply sand and gravel flints (right hand picture below).

The splitting (knapping) of the flint is a skilled process which is carried out at our Castle Acre quarry. This is done to exact specifications if required manually or can be done mechanically for standard knapping. Needham Chalks Ltd has supplied flints to a number of prestigious projects including:

  • Windsor Castle
  • Southwark Cathedral
  • Canterbury University Library
  • The Old Priory at Castle Acre as well as many other English Nature Projects.

Flints can be ordered to any size and shape and many bespoke jobs are undertaken. Canterbury University Library shows some of the detailed work that is carried out with Needham Chalks Ltd suppling flints knapped to exact square shapes.

Gallets (small shards of flint used in the building of flint walling) are also available from Castle Acre quarry. To find out information please speak with Castle Acre quarry direct (Details below).

We also supply whole flints around the world and have shipped flint to Australia and the USA for different building projects.

Also unique to Needham Chalks are paramoudras, very large cylindrical flints, which are popular for ornamental use and are all processed at the Castle Acre Quarry.

The flint operation is managed by Bernie Archer who offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the flint market. Bernie can be contacted on 01760 755017 (office) or 07889 975141 (mobile)