Company History

Needham Chalks was established in 1947 at its current home in Needham Market.

Then, the chalk was dug by hand mainly for the agricultural sector as farmers looked to become more productive and the knowledge of soil properties improved.

From 1947 to 1979 Needham continued to work from its base in Needham Market, however with the drive from farmers to increase soil management Needham Chalks (HAM) Ltd took the decision to increase its production and with this the acquisition of Newport Quarry in Essex. Shortly after this Barton Mills in West Suffolk was purchased and then the move into Norfolk came with the purchase of Castle Acre in West Norfolk and Caistor in East Norfolk.

We now also use Anstey and Codicote quarries and are their primary users for supplying chalk to our more western areas of East Anglia.

Needham Chalks (HAM) Ltd now sells over 100,000 tonnes of chalk for spreading to agricultural soils across East Anglia as well as for industrial purposes.